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The Buildings listed below are being offered at a reduced price due to being either a Discounted Display or Repo.

Discounted Displays come with full warranties unless noted.  Repos are sold AS IS with no warranty. 

All buildings include Free Delivery and Set Up.


Discounted Displays




12 x 24 USH #4742
This is a Trade-in Building

This Building is Zook Gray and Gray with Charcoal Metal roof.

Options;  1-24×27 Window (centered in back wall),  Door Magnets,  Ramp


MSRP $5297.00


Sale Price $4847.00


12x20 LCA #1879

                      12x20 CCO #4204


This discounted Cabin has a large porch and upgraded lifetime flooring, it is unfinished

and has a green metal roof and clay color siding with white trim, great for a weekend getaway

or hunting cabin, lake cottage or extra sleeping quarters.


MSRP $6165


Discounted Price $5751



              8 x 12 PLH #2914

This is a Trade-in Building

This Building is White and Mt Red with Rustic Red Metal roof & White Rake & Ridgecap.

Options;  All standard options

MSRP $2339.00


Sale Price $1989.00



                       12 x 20  CCO-FO  #4286                                                       Interior Finish

This Cabin is fully finished and has Treated Siding with Red Metal roof, Mud room area, fully finished with bathroom and kitchen area, through wall unit a/c, insulated, electric, flooring, etc.  call for details



MSRP $16809.00


Sale Price $15809.00





12x26 CCO-FO  #4287             

This Cabin has a large front porch, with beige siding and brown metal roof, the interior has a large living area, bathroom and kitchen, call for details

MSRP $19756.00


Sale Price $18756.00



6 x 12 USH 5776

This was built for a Ticket Booth.

This Building is Yoder Blue and White with Rustic Red Metal roof.

Options;  2-36″ Entry Doors w/out windows,  1-43×28.5 window,  2-34.5×22.5 windows,  2-41×28.5 windows, 1-18×13 AC Opening


MSRP $3455.00


Sale Price $2955.00







        12x16 LCA #5192

This Lofted Cabin is in Excellent condition, except for small bubble in the Siding.

It has Gray Siding & White Trim with White Metal Roof

Options:   Low-E Floor Insulation,  1-24×27 Window in front gable instead of Loft Door,  2-30×40 Vinyl windows,  ONLY HAS 8′ LOFT IN FRONT AND NONE IN THE BACK!


Selling for $6030      “AS IS, No Warranty”



           10 x 12 GSH #4565


Is in Good condition.  **Except where they had added on an additional padlocks on doors and now there are screw holes there**

It has Graver’s Lane Green Siding & Basswood Trim with Brownwood Shingle Roof

Options:   SilverTech Roof,  Vented Skylight,  Ramp

Selling for $2600    “AS IS, No Warranty”





                8 X 12 HSH #4607

This horse shed is in Fair condition.

It has White Siding & Riehl Green Trim with Cheteau Green Shingle Roof

Options:     4′ Tackroom


Selling for $2275    “AS IS, No Warranty”



                12x18 GSH #3981

This GARDEN SHED is in great condition, it is loaded with options including: foil osb, electric, extra L shaped shelf around the sides and Front wall, advantech floor and the previous owner installed foam board in the walls



 Selling for $3322


            8x12 MBA  #5848

This mini barn is in Good condition.

It has Red Siding & Basswood Trim with Teak Shingle Roof

Options:  Ramp,  Advantech Flooring.


Selling for $2050    “AS IS, No Warranty”




10x14 MBA #5859

This Mini Barn is in Excellent condition.

It has Wedgewood Siding & GP Cream Trim with Sierra Gray Shingle Roof

Options:     1 Ramp

Selling for $2530    “AS IS, No Warranty”


             8 x 8 MBA-VS #5093                                         
This is a value series mini barn Repo, the value series has 24" oc framing instead of 16" oc that our Classic series includes, it is Pre- primed ready for paint, floor and 48" wide double door standard

Selling for $820   SOLD!!!!


8 x 12 USH #6023

This Utility Shed is in Good condition.

It has Buckskin Siding & White Trim with Teak Shingle Roof


Selling for $2130    “AS IS, No Warranty”



                  10 x 12 USH #4943


Thsi Garden Shed is in Excellent condition (other than dirt splattered up on the bottom)

It has BB Beige Siding & Buckskin Trim with Desert Tan Shingle Roof

Options:  Ramp


Selling for $2850    “AS IS, No Warranty”


                 12 x 20 GAR #5819


This Portable Garage Is in Great condition.

It has Basswood Siding & White Trim with Estate Gray Shingle Roof

Options:  Ramp,  Advantech Flooring,  Ridgevent,  Silvertech Roof.


Selling for $5050    “AS IS, No Warranty”


             12' x 20' GAR #4336

This Portable Garage is in Good condition.

It has BB Beige Siding & Basswood Trim with Lt Stone Metal Roof

Options:  4′ wide x 9′ long Ramp,  Advantech Flooring,  20′ Ridgevent.

If you sell it on RTO you HAVE TO use BLI.

Selling for $4500    “AS IS, No Warranty”





 Thanks For Looking, Please Call if you have any any questions or to place a Hold or Purchase a Building.   As always, Delivery and Set up Included.




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